Participant education needs to be effective as positive outcomes
stem from educated choices.
We are focused on impactfull participant education & service.

   A landmark study* determined the most important ingredient to participant investment  performance is not the
   investments themselves but the allocation participants choose for their portfolio. This only makes sense; you can
   offer a great plan and investment options, but what is important is how they are utilized by your participants.  

   With you, we tailor an Annual Education Plan that works for your company to guide ongoing participant education.
   Regular review of participant demographics and plan investment allocations target our efforts. Our aim is to
   continuously improve education and keep participants engaged.  They need to understand the basics and be able
   to choose investment strategies that make sense for them.  We offer best practices for managing their 401(k) and
   monitoring their investments.  We provide group and one-on-one education and remain available to help them with
   the financial decisions they encounter within and outside of their 401(k).
*Determinants Of Portfolio Performance, Gary Brindson, Randlolph Hood and Gilbert Beebower          
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